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Experts Speak

Dr Anil Tibdewal

It takes two to three months to know whether the treatment is working or not

Dr Triranjan Basu

The technological advances are effective in controlling the local disease

Lung Connect

Live Session update with Dr. Vanita Noronha | 6th Year End Review in Lung Cancer

Dr Deshmukh

LungConnect can be helpful in making the treatment cheaper in future

Dr Vanita

Dr Vanita is explaining how LungConnect is brainstorming to make themselves better and better

Sanjeev Sharma

The technological advances are effective in controlling the local disease

Dr Prriya Eshpuniyani

Should we be afraid of surgery in the treatment of Lung Cancer?

Dr Ramakant Deshpande

In the treatment of lung cancer, India is better than Europe

Dr Rajiv Kaushal

The role of the pathologist in the cancer management

Paresh Shah (Lung Cancer Warrior)

I have never been afraid of cancer

Dr BK Mishra

Support groups are like a lifeline for both the doctors and the patients

Dr Ajay Singh

Information about EGFR mutated lung cancer

Dr. Shirley Lewis Salins

Manipal Comprehensive Cancer Care

Dr Avinash Tiwari

Palliative care is relevant for every disease that causes severe distress

Dr Saravana Rajamanickam

What to Know About Robotic Surgery for Lung Cancer

Dr Sarika Mahajan I TMC

Pulmonary rehabilitation I Breathing exercises I Patients with lung cancer

Dr Shyam Bisht

SBRT I Radio Surgery I SABR I Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

Purabi Mahajan I Dietitian RD

Diet Plan I Lung Cancer I Nutrition I Balance Diet

Dr Trupti Pai

Molecular testing I Pathology I Lung Cancer I TMC Mumbai

Dr. Rushabh kothari

Why should you be a part of Lung Connect Gujarat?

Dr Shamali Poojary

What does it mean when someone is in palliative carE

Dr Rohit Swami

Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do

Dr. Ravi Krishna

Answering almost all the possible questions about chemotherapy

Dr Vaibhav Chaudhary

Targeted therapy I Stage IV lung cancer I ALK I

Dr Pratik Chandrani

olecular Testing And Personalised Therapy I Lung Cancer I Lung Connect

Dr Kumar Prabhash

प्रख्यात कैंसर विशेषज्ञ डॉ कुमार प्रभाष और पत्रकार रवि प्रकाश की बातचीत

Ankita Chitre I Onco Physiotherapy

Prehabilitation I Rehabilitation I Lung Cancer I TMC Varanasi

Dr Siddharth Turkar

How do you prepare for lung cancer treatment

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